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Company Profile


Seal-Once Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. is established as an internationalized professional waterproofing firm. The company is registered in Zhuhai of Guangdong province, China. The company not only has distributors in China, but also a wide range of distributor locations in South East Asia such as Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.
The company is engaged in the development of new technology and products, dedicated to translate the world’s most advanced technological products into its core competitiveness, while making constant efforts to provide high-end, competitive products for ecological and environmental preservation, reducing carbon emission, as well as for sustaining a green city.
The company has providing a comprehensive waterproofing solution, and excellent waterproofing materials, which are widely used in the fields of public lavatories, industrial and home renovations, etc. These materials have multiple advantages, some of which include being environmentally friendly, user-friendly, and long lasting.


Seal-Once Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. advocates a people-oriented approach, establishing a well-rounded team that is integrated with culture, technology and service. Looking into the future, the company stresses its priorities in caring and loving for its employees, promoting brand growth, as well as creating value for its customers. It will also be constantly on the lookout for pioneering breakthrough products, in order to stay at the technological forefront.
The company pledges to be a modernized waterproofing firm, which is professional, dedicated and respected. It will continue to contribute to a better home and provide a better life for the society. “Green” is and will always be the constant pursuit. The company promises environmentally friendly products, and is engaged in the promotion of new waterproofing materials while strictly complying with the international standards. Collaborating with the well-recognized New Image Coatings, USA, Seal-once Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. introduction of their 50-year industrial experience into China, is currently a huge breakthrough in the field of waterproofing materials in the country.

Scope of Services

We are wholly committed to our given advice and product recommendations, accumulating from years of unrivalled experiences and professionalism, to all its clients and customers.

Our approach is a complete-packaged solution, starting from:
Client's Needs and Requests
Problem Analysis and Actual Requirements
Feasibility Studies of Solutions
Documentation, Administration and Completion
The Team has been involved in the providing and completion of Complete Waterproofing Solutions, to good class private homes, condominiums and flats, public infrastructures such as underground level stations, basement works, pools etc.

The Firm carries products which have successfully provided solutions to clients, without any interruption to existing amenities, services, normal activities or enjoyment at comparative costs.